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Propeller 29"x13,5" Q

29 inches
13.5 inches
Bolt diameter
10 mm

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Extra Quiet type for 150 ccm engines

Last trends requier extremely efficient propeller which would be extra quiet. Propeller 29"x13,5" Q is our reaction to this demand. New shape of its profile and blade allowed us to decline noise and at the same time we are able to keep high eficiency. 


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29 inches
13.5 inches
Bolt diameter
10 mm

Magne Hegstad:

Subjective impression of flight

Performance in the air similar to Mejzlik 30x13 EVO L.
Ground test: 
29x13,5Q: 45V, 265A, 11925W
30x13 EVO L: 45V, 260A, 11700W 

(For 2,6 meter/13 kg electric plane I have used Mejzlik 26x15E on the Plettenberg Predator 30/8 for several years.  Very good, thanks.)

Comparison with other propellers

I currently use Engel Super Silence 30x16 for IMAC competitions.
This propeller gives higher flying speed which is good for IMAC sequence flying. (Not Freestyle/3D)
Comparable measurements on the ground:
Engel 30x16, 45V, 275A, 12375W.

Other comments: 

For large electric planes I would have liked a Mejzlik 28x16, 29x16 or 30x16.

(L, of course.)

I would like the load to be similar or marginally higher than the 30x13 or 29x13,5Q, but higher pitch, therefore maybe slightly smaller diameter or narrower blades.  The Engel Super Silence are very narrow with a lighter load compared to the Mejzlik props.

Technical information of the used model
 Engine  ZDZ 224 B4
 Muffler  JMB TR 70
 Plane  Krill Extra 41 %
 RPM  5 600
 Noise level  93 db



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