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When I was 11 my dad and I decided to make a small model of boat. My dad managed to get a gas engine somewhere but unfortunately it was too big for our model. So I didn’t become a boat model builder and instead I started attending aircrafts model club whose members were mostly interested in category F2D (combat). When I was 14 I won an international contest and this opened me the doors to the Czech national team. I was a member of our national team for next 24 years. Among many successes I managed to achieve during those years, my greatest achievement was my bronze medal from the World championship F2D in China.

One of the reasons for my success was the fact me and my friends were able to make high quality models and accessories. Especially our propellers aroused great attention and interest of my colleagues and even of my competitors. After the change of political situation in our republic in 1989 I founded my own company and started production of my own props and aircraft models. Of course at the beginning only in a small. The break point came in 1994 when we went with a few of our props to famous model trade fair held in Toledo (Ohio, USA). It was really motivating to see customers not only from the States but even from Japan and other countries enjoying our props. During following 6 years almost half of pilots taking part at the most prestigious world contests including legendary Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas used our props.

Interest in our props was so huge that delivery time of some types of our props was up to 9 months. We were happy to see such a great demand for our products. However it was really difficult to explain our customers that even though they ordered our props in March, i.e. before the flying season, they received them for Christmas. :-) Fortunately this is history. Today we are able to ship most of our orders almost immediately. 
Now our company consists of 20 employees whose all efforts are directed to the production of modern, safe, efficient and silent props for aircraft models and to the most flexible distribution of the props not only in North America, our largest market, but virtually all over the world.
Our company’s headquarters is situated in the second largest city of the Czech Republic - in Brno. All its departments are at one place which guarantees good communication and immediate reactions to our customers’ needs. 
We do our best to produce top quality props – we do our best to be the analogy of carmaker Ferrari in modelling world.  

Tomáš Mejzlík, founder of Mejzlik Modellbau

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