Designing your propeller

We will help you design a propeller that works perfectly with your specific use case.

UAV market is getting very competitive be step ahead of your competition by getting the most performance out of your platform.

Propeller design for any platform

During our history, we have manufactured propellers for many platform types. Being it multicopter, fixed wing, VTOL or other innovative platform type, we can make it fly.

Calculation & simulations

To make sure the propeller fits you perfectly, we learn about your use case. Do you need to fly silently? In extremely high altitudes or do you plan to lift hundreds of kilos of payload? We have developed a software based on Blade Element Momentum and Vortex theories that helps us give you all the important propeller flight characteristics before manufacturing. Cross checked by many tests we are confident to give you data you can rely on.

3D modeling

3D modeling is an essential part of propeller designing. While modelling the propeller we have to make sure the propeller withstands all the forces from the engine, high RPM and flight speed. If you are limited by clearance, have special needs for folding blades hub or you have to modify the propeller root our designers will help you out. Do you have your own propeller design? Let’s put NDA in place and talk about how to manufacture it.

Data validation

We are constantly validating our data both statically and dynamically to make sure our simulations are done correctly. We are constantly working on improving our mathematical model. Be it using CFD analyses or methods involving airflow measurements.