Get to know our high‑quality/cutting edge propellers

We’ve designed and produced hundreds of custom-made propellers for both electric and combustion engine. Customers have unique needs, and we have unique solutions.

Propellers come at different shapes and sizes

Silent operation? Higher thrust? Foldable and light for extended flying time? We’ll ensure you get the propeller that fits your needs.

Make propellers part of your design

Though the design and structure is set according to some standards, we are flexible in offering additional features. Colored tips for safety, various materials, and even logos—all without compromising quality.

All our propellers are unique

There is always an individual responsible for each of our propellers. As an additional feature, we offer propellers with unique serial and product number that allows us to track and monitor every step of the manufacturing and quality control process.


Spinners reduce drag and smoothen the airflow. We’ll ensure that it fits both your engine and propeller.

Have any specific propeller feature requests?

Let us know, and we’ll do our best to manufacture the perfect propeller.