We know that every business cooperation needs an individual approach. As we are manufacturers of our own propellers, we are able to adjust any part of the process for our clients.


  • 1

    Contact us to schedule a meeting. In order to cooperate, we need to know your platform.

  • 2

    Sign an NDA.

  • 3

    Provide more details by telling us about your aircraft/motor.

  • 4

    Based on the info provided, we'll give you a quote and timeline for future cooperation.

Designing and consultancy

  • 5

    Simulation of a propeller.

  • 6

    We help you determine the right propeller motor ESC combination.

  • 7

    We help you test different setups (both statistically and dynamically using a wind tunnel) already existing on the market to gather more data and help you even more.

  • 8

    Create a 3D file of a propeller.

    Design in detail

Tooling and Prototyping

  • 9

    Some propeller molds can be made out of sica block. We call them internally prototyping propellers.

  • 10

    We'll figure out the structure—different layers of carbon fibre, central piece, inserts etc,—of the propeller.

  • 11

    Try the prototype out on your aircraft to see how it goes.

Propeller production on scale

  • 12

    Turning a prototyping mold into a production one.

  • 13

    Let's agree on the final setup—what the final drilling and carbon layer will be.

  • 14

    We find out what are the limitations of a mass production.

Quality assurance and testing

  • 15

    What quality assurance do you need, apart from our standard ones?

  • 16

    Need any certificates? We'll help you get them.

Quality control in detail