Propellers for heavy lift drones

The drone market is growing rapidly and the requirements on these platforms are getting more difficult and complex (higher payload/MTOW, longer flight time, reliability, certification, lower acoustic signature, etc.). The age of UAM (Urban Air Mobility) is upon us as well and many companies are building their mid-size mockups or even full-scale air-taxies already.

Propellers for heavy lift drones

The propeller plays an important role in the propulsion unit systém, and with the increasing UAV size, the propeller diameter is also increasing. We are more than happy to introduce you our new off-the-self products 40x13.3 and 48x16.4 multicopter/VTOL propellers. Both propellers were already tested on our new static test rig therefore, we can provide you with true data to which you can rely on. We are also in touch with reputable motors and ESCs manufactures which allows us to recommend you a high-quality, reliable and efficient propulsion unit, according to your needs.

We have prepared for you the product sheets of all our off-the-self multicopter propellers (including new ones 40“ and 48“) where you can find detail information about propellers together with performance measured data. Go to Technical data section on our website (https://www.mejzlik.eu/technical-data) and explore more.

Larger diameter propellers are coming soon, stay tuned.