Dynamic Thrust Calculator

After the positive feedback on our static thrust calculator, we have decided to prepare a similar tool- Dynamic thrust calculator for forward flight propellers to help you during the initial stage of the propulsion unit/propeller selection.

Dynamic Thrust Calculator

You will be able to download the calculator for free in the Technical data tab of our home page. You can find a downloadable excel sheet named Dynamic Thrust Calculator.

Please remember that the main goal of this dynamic calculator is to present how does the performance/efficiency of the propeller changes for different parameters (diameter, pitch, airspeed, thrust, density, etc.) and flight phases (cruise, climb). The dynamic calculator does not tend to replace the simulation process for the optimization or customization, it rather is a quick tool to get the rough predicted performance. The calculator also allows you to try different propeller geometries to find the closest off the shelf solution for the initial flights.

The calculation is based on simulated performance of different Mejzlik two-bladed gas propellers and we intend to replace this data with wind tunnel measurements to make it even more accurate. We will also extend the calculator with electric propellers soon. The calculator file consists of a basic description, user manual, calculator, and the result (in both numerical and graphic form).

The tool has some macros running in the background. There might be some problem if your company does not allow you to download it for security reasons. But we from Mejzlik side can guarantee you that the tool is safe and there will be no security breach using this tool. If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.