Propeller Serialization

Serialization of UAV propellers is a next big step in the future of Mejzlik Propellers.

Propeller Serialization

This code laminated inside of our propellers is one of many steps that we take on our mission towards future of certified and safe propellers for professional use and compliance with AS9100 certification.

At this moment this code in form of number and the same number hidden under Data matrix square allows our customers to quickly identify the specific propeller and makes loading the received propellers into their system and tracking its flight hours a much easier procedure.

For us this number searched in our ERP system has much deeper meaning. Today, we are able to track the specific manufacturing batch, date of manufacturing and person responsible for the propeller. This helps us in deciding in case of failure, whether other propellers can be affected and take steps to prevent any possible issues for our customers worldwide.

On smaller multicopter propeller this code will be laminated on bottom of one of the propeller blades, for bigger gas or custom propellers with thick central part, this code will be inlaid on the side of the propeller hub. In case of folding propellers each of the propeller blades will be marked with this code. Our goal is to have marking on each and every propeller that leaves our manufacturing facility.  

Data matrix code on multicopter and gas propeller

Our longer term goal is to add more detailed information to this number and introduce full traceability of manufacturing process that the propeller went through – specific material batches, specific time and ambient conditions of manufacturing process, all the manufacturing points that the propeller went through all the way to tests that were performed with that specific propeller.

We will be rolling out this feature to all of our OTS propellers during March and we will work with our current customers to roll this to their customized solutions as soon as possible!