Quaterly Mejzlik Update - Q1/2021

At Mejzlik Propellers we strive to become number one propeller manufacturer every day. Sometimes, it is hard to keep all of our valuable customers up to date. Therefore, we have decided to start a quarterly update blog posts in order to inform about the most notable changes in clear and short manner.

Quaterly Mejzlik Update - Q1/2021

Folding multicopter propellers

    One of the most sought-after products is finally being finalized. Our main goal is to create folding propeller without compromises – safe, efficient and without additional vibrations. At this moment we are testing sizes of 14, 18, 22, 24 and 28’’ after first tests, other propeller sizes will follow. We have gathered experience by working with our customers and want to transform this knowledge to our OTS propeller range.  

    Testing of first version of 14'' folding propeller
    V2 folding propeller in designing phase

    Noise testing and optimization

      Propeller noise is one of the biggest challenges on the way to integrate UAVs and UAMs into our every-day life. It is also a big priority for us at Mejzlik Propellers. We have currently validated our mathematical model for propeller noise and effectivity optimization software and we have started offering this service to our customers for both single and co-axial . Along with the software for development of customized propellers we are also finishing works on our in-house semi-anechoic chamber that will allow us to compare propulsion setups as well as validate results of our calculations.

      System of vortices as seen during our simulation stage
      Propeller being tested in semi-anechoic chamber in the making

      The BFG-1 Overspin test rig

        For many customers, certification and testing is becoming more important as they are moving from prototyping to production. We have built a 110 KW over spin test rig. This rig was designed to spin propellers up to 3 meter in diameter. Transmission allows to spin the propellers from about 1000 RPM all the way to 9000 RPM. This way we can offer endurance testing along with overspin and over torque testing in compliance with NATO, EASA and FAA certification needs. At this stage it only needs a paint and design finishing touches!

        The BFG-1 named after Roald Dahl's book and DOOM franchise
        50-hour endurance test of 48'' multicopter propeller

        DM Propeller Codes

          Each OTS propeller that is manufactured at Mejzlik Propellers will feature a serial number both numerical and also in form of data matrix code. This code allows our customers to quickly identify each propeller and makes tracking lifetime of the propeller much easier and more convenient. At our end, the code connects to a specific order and manufacturer in our ERP system. This way we are able to identify when and how was that specific propeller manufactured. This helps us understand the potential issues that might arise. Long term goal is to provide full traceability of the propellers to each of our customers.

          Datamatrix code with serial number featured on 14'' MC propeller

          Anti-Icing cooperation

            Icing is a huge topic for general aviation, and it is only a matter of time when UAV and UAM manufacturers will have to think about how to solve this issue for smaller platforms. We have been researching this topic for quite some time and found a great partner to look into anti-icing solution together. With UBIQ Aerospace we are working on integrated de-icing system that could prevent loss of efficiency or overall control of a drone affected by icing. You can read full article at: UBIQ Aerospace and Mejzlik Propellers develop ice protection solution

            The propeller test stand inside the icing wind tunnel. Photo: Richard Hann, UBIQ Aerospace

            Large UAM propellers

              With our customers we are building custom propellers up to 3-meter diameter. We are following the evolvement of bigger platforms and we have decided to offer our propellers to pioneers working on prototypes of large-scale commercial UAVs and UAMs. Therefore, we decided to offer off-the-shelf propellers for those platforms. We are now offering OTS propellers for multicopter in 42, 48, 60, 70 and 80-inches diameter! Essential information about propellers and performance can be found in Technical data section of our website: Technical data | Mejzlik.eu - Design and manufacturing top-quality propellers ✈️🚁

              Our Aerospace Engineer Raam proudly holding 70 and 80'' MC propellers

              More exciting news will be coming in following months and we will keep informing you through our blogposts and social media. Do you want to discuss your project in detail or only interested in getting quote for some of our OTS props? Send an email to info@mejzlik.eu or contact me directly.


              Jan Hruska

              VP Sales/Partner