Propeller performance and acoustic optimization

In addition to propeller safety and reliability, the propeller performance and the noise footprint are some of the most important parameters of a propeller. It’s a great pleasure to share with you the results of our efforts from the first phase of our CRAFT (Contra Rotating, Analysis, Fabrication, and Test) project, which we are working on with our partner IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries).

Propeller performance and acoustic optimization

The goal of this R&D project is to optimize the coaxial configuration for UAM (Urban Air Mobility) platforms considering both performance and acoustics. Because these parameters will contribute to and determine the success of flight mission. Especially the noise is one of the biggest challenges with eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircrafts operating around the cities and urban areas, mainly because of the public acceptance. But these challenges also apply to smaller platforms - UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) used for delivery or defense applications.

The first phase of the project was focused on a scaled-down SR (single rotating) propeller configuration at hover in order to optimize a propeller in terms of performance, acoustics, and also the trade-off between these two contradicting goals. In total, four different propeller geometries were designed using various hybrid optimization schemes, then manufactured and tested at Mejzlik test lab (performance) and Resideo anechoic chamber (acoustics) in comparison with OTS (of the shelf) Mejzlik 18x6 MC propeller. The results showed accurate performance and acoustics trends aligning with design analysis. These trends might be very useful for all multicopter developers. A more detailed description is available here Optimized Performance and Acoustic Design of Hover-Propeller and Propeller Optimization Strive to Performance / Acoustic Trade-off.

The next stage of the project is focused on the optimization of the CR (Contra Rotating) configuration, which is much more complex. But we believe in valuable findings and outcome.

Stay tuned!

PS: Are you interested in propeller optimization for your platfrom, please feel free to get in touch via: info@mejzlik.eu