Professional Propulsion Systems (PPS)

Safety and reliability are necessary properties for each propulsion system, then we deal with other important parameters such as efficiency, mass, noise, etc. The propulsion system is not about a single component, and since the Mejzlik purely focuses on propellers, over the course of our existence we created a strong partnership with leading motor and controller manufacturers around the world. We have further deepened this cooperation working on the Professional Propulsion Systems project.

Professional Propulsion Systems (PPS)

The main goal of the PPS is not only to provide our customers with properly measured data and valid information about available propulsion components but also to create a professional three-way communication channel to find, fine-tuned, or even build a propulsion system according to their needs.

The main database consists of many different measured configurations of available products which were tested under monitored conditions and the same testing procedure. Each propulsion system is represented by a datasheet (.pdf) describing every single component and static performance of the propulsion system. This datasheet is supported by a performance data file for further analysis.

“Reliable and properly measured propulsion system data is absolutely crucial for our customers but also for us. It’s the baseline to select the right propulsion setup for high demanding platforms. Having our products measured at maxon but also independently by our partner Mejzlik provides additional confidence into the data.”

Explains Marco Sicher, Business Development Manager Aerospace at maxon.

These data should help you choose the right propulsion system for your platform and give you a baseline for further development. You can also use our filtering tool to quickly find your way in database. You can see the video tutorial about how to use the tool below: 

The current stage focuses only on multicopter and VTOL systems (static measurements), but the dynamic testing is on our roadmap as well, right not mainly in the custom approach.