Folding Propellers That Do Not Fail: The Future of Drone Transportation

When it comes to specific applications such as security and rescue missions, the ability to quickly transport and deploy drones can be the difference between life and death. This is where folding propellers come into play, making it possible to get an unmanned vehicle into the air within seconds. However, the folding mechanism has also brought about several challenges that need to be addressed.

Folding Propellers That Do Not Fail: The Future of Drone Transportation

Mejzlik, a leading company in the field of drone technology, recognized the need for folding propellers that are safe, reliable, and efficient. Last year, the Mejzlik team was working on these challenges to come up with the first version of the multicopter folding propellers (MC folding 1.0), based on the successful design of Mejzlik's fixed multicopter propellers.

Safety and reliability were the main design goals, as mission failures due to inappropriate design or engineering on the folding propellers available on the market were quite common. One of the most crucial parts of a folding propeller is the hub-blade connection, which is typically ensured by threaded bolts that are prone to fatigue disorders. To tackle this issue, Mejzlik's team implemented a customized shoulder bolt made from high-grade steel (12.9). This bolt ensures enough strength and precise positioning of the top/bottom hub parts and the blade. Additionally, the shoulder bolt is mechanically pressed into the upper part of the hub to eliminate the risk of bolt loosening in case of hard flight conditions or nut loss. As the top part is connected directly to the bottom part and the motor, the whole assembly is very robust and compact.

Extensive testing was performed to verify the initial calculation and safety of the design, including a centrifugal load test according to EASA CS-P 350. The performance of the folding propellers was also tested against other folding propellers available on the market.

Mejzlik's folding propellers come with specific hub sizes to minimize the weight of the propeller assembly and fit the most common motors on the market. The hub design also protects the blades from hitting each other in the folded position. Currently, there are various sizes available, including 14x4.5, 18x6, 20x6.7, 22x7.4, 28x9.4, 30x10, and 32x10.6 (all in two-bladed versions). All these propellers can be assembled in both configurations (tractor/pusher) and are therefore also suitable for coaxial.

In conclusion, Mejzlik's folding propellers provide a safe, reliable, and efficient solution to drone transportation challenges. With the ability to quickly deploy drones, they can be used in a variety of applications, including security, rescue missions, and defense. If you are interested in Mejzlik's folding propellers or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them via sales@mejzlik.eu.