2023 Mejzlik Annual Update

As we enter the upcoming year, our CEO, Tomas Mejzlik Jr., is pleased to present our latest annual report, unveiling specific figures that reflect our company's performance and detailing our future ambitions

2023 Mejzlik Annual Update

Year 2023 summary

What a year. I will start with some numbers. But as it always is - behind every number, there is a story.


  1. In 2023 we have recorder a 36% YoY growth, reaching USD 4,1 million in sales. Those sales come only from UAV/UAM propellers and related engineering services.
  2. Cumulatively, in the past 6 years, we have grown more than 1000%. Our intention is to repeat this in the next 6 years, to lead the UAV/UAM propeller market.


From a very turbulent market, which was previously powered predominantly by venture capital money, we see a stabilisation, more maturity and more predictive future. After 6 years of focusing on this market, I am very proud we have finally recorder operational profit with the outlook of being self sufficient in the upcoming years.

More numbers:

In 2023, we have sold 11458 propellers some of them as small as 6 inches, some of them as big as 3 metres. We have created 34 new propeller designs, usually based on our optimisation models. We have deepened our cooperation with the industry leaders and research institutes. Majority of new UAV platforms that are being developed in NATO countries and its allies are relying on our propeller data - being it simulations or technical data sheets we publish with our motor partners.

Technology and production:

In production, our biggest bottleneck was technological time of epoxy curing. I am super proud of the team who worked on this issue. Not only did they cut the curing time from 6 hours to 7 minutes, they also find ways to further automate most of the manufacturing process! This way, we will be able to ship an order of thousands of pieces within a month. We have build a production line behind this technology with a capacity of 50.000 propellers per year, our intention is to fill this capacity within 2 years. That being said, we are ready for the future capacity need of drone logistics and modern warfare. Stay tuned, we will release separate article about the new production.

QMS and engineering

We have transferred our ISO 9001 under LRQA and made a gap analysis with them to upgrade our ISO 9001 to AS 9100 soon. On some, usually UAM/AAM occasions, we are competing against well established propeller companies. I am proud to say, we are often matching or even exceeding their engineering and testing capabilities - something I would never thought possible just a few years ago.


Every organisation is only as strong as its people. We have started from the top, by creating board of directors - we will introduce the members soon. We have finally reached an organisation size, where we can attract and afford management talent from companies 10-20x bigger then we are to help us make 10x yet again.

Final thank you

I want to thank all of our customers, who thrust us with their aircrafts. Not gonna lie, we sometimes do make mistakes, but I strongly believe honesty and customer orientation will push us further.

I also want to thank all of the people involved in building our company. More often than not, it is stressful, challenging and complex, rather than simple and easy.