New production line dedicated to creating high-quality propellers for multicopter and UAV applications

Discover the advanced technology behind carbon fiber propeller production as Mejzlik Propellers takes you on a journey through their state-of-the-art manufacturing process. From meticulous design to the final touches, witness how Mejzlik Propellers utilizes prepreg and hot press technology to create propellers of exceptional quality in our European facility.

New production line dedicated to creating high-quality propellers for multicopter and UAV applications

7-Minute Snap Cure at 140 Degrees: Our prepreg production line accelerates the curing process, offering a 7-minute snap cure at 140 degrees Celsius under high pressure and then cools down for further processing. The curing process is fully logged, and temperature curves are stored for every cycle. Materials are cut using automated CNC plotter, optimized for snap-curing process. This efficiency enhances production timelines and ensures fast delivery without compromising on quality.

Manufactured in Europe, Czech Republic with Local Sourcing: Crafted in Europe, the Czech Republic, our production line emphasizes local sourcing, promoting sustainability. By prioritizing European materials, we reduce environmental impact and contribute to the growth of the community.

High Repeatability and Scalability of Production: One of the biggest advantages of the technology is the high repeatability of production. Moreover, its scalable design allows us to meet the demands of high-volume production, ensuring efficiency without sacrificing precision.

Ideal for Multicopter and VTOL Propellers: Tailored to perfection, our prepreg production line is ideal for crafting multicopter and VTOL propellers. Its versatility ensures optimal performance across a range of applications, meeting the diverse needs of high-quality commercial UAVs as well as military.

FAA Certifiable Lamination Production Technology: FAA certifiable lamination production technology processes adhere to strict aviation standards, guaranteeing the reliability and safety of every propeller produced on our line. Cutting-Edge Carbon Fiber Production: Utilizing cutting-edge carbon fiber production methods, our facility produces high-strength, low-weight components, contributing to overall performance and efficiency.

Full Aviation Grade Traceability: Ensuring transparency, our production line provides full aviation-grade traceability, maintaining accountability throughout the manufacturing process.

High Impact Resistance: Our prepreg line produces components capable of withstanding challenging conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability in the field.

High Level of Possible Automation: Minimize risks and enhance efficiency with our production line's high level of automation. With minimal room for error, we guarantee precision in every step of the manufacturing process.

Always Stable Performance: Our prepreg production line is engineered for consistent and reliable performance, ensuring that every component meets the highest industry standards.

Designed, Manufactured, and Tested by Mejzlik: Every aspect of our prepreg production line, from design and manufacturing to testing, is carried out by Mejzlik. As everything is handled under one roof, we control the entire production process and can supervise the whole process and optimize each step based on customer needs regarding time.

Build to Print Availability: Our "Build to Print" service components allow customers to leverage the manufacturing capabilities of our prepreg production line for their unique designs. If a customer has a pre-existing and tested design, we can provide production capacities to bring their concept to life. This service is tailored to those who already possess a finalized design, enabling them to benefit from the efficiency and precision of our manufacturing processes without the need for extensive design collaboration.

Currently, Propellers Up to 42 Inches or 42’’ Individual Blades: Presently, our production capability includes crafting propellers up to 42 inches or 42’’ individual blades. This serves as the current limitation, slated for expansion in the future as we broaden our portfolio of prepreg-made propellers.

Higher resistance to material fatigue: In addition to the aforementioned attributes, our prepreg production line excels in offering higher resistance to material fatigue. This crucial quality ensures that components produced not only meet immediate performance requirements but also exhibit prolonged durability, further solidifying Mejzlik's commitment to providing enduring and resilient solutions for a diverse range of needs.

In conclusion, our prepreg production line brings together reliability, efficiency, and industry-standard adherence, reflecting Mejzlik's dedication to providing quality components for a range of UAV needs.